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Eco-friendly holiday park


We're going green

We believe we are all concerned by the protection of the environment and we commit ourself to a sustainable tourism.
Saint Jean de Monts is a combination of coastline, marshes and forest which are fragile areas that represent 80% of our territory. Saint Jean de Monts is also France’s largest tourist accommodation capacity on the Atlantic Coast with a summer population that increases tenfold.
That’s why since the beginning of the holiday park in 2016, we are working on our water usage, waste handling, energy consumption and in favour of biodiversity.
Our goal : limit the impact of our activity on the environment.

A nature lover holiday park

Just like you do at home, we recycle. In each accommodation, we installed bins to make waste management easier. Three bins are available to recycle correctly : a bin for non-recyclable waste, a bin for cans and plastic waste and a small bin as a compost bin.
At the entrance of the holiday park, you will find the bigger bins to throw your waste. And we’ve added a green bin for glass.
As our holiday park is close to nature (beach and forest) we find it very important to stress the importance of protecting nature. We need to work together to raise awareness and keep our environment as clean and enjoyable as possible. Please do not throw your waste in nature.

Environmental labels

The holiday park is awarded with the “Clé verte” label, the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation awarded by a national jury on the basis of 120 control points relating to environmental policy, holidaymaker awareness, energy management, water management, waste management, responsible purchasing...
Similarly, the holiday park is a "Refuge LPO". These areas, recognised by the French League for the Protection of Birds, are committed to preserving the environment, creating nesting sites, and helping birds in winter... You'll see a lot of birds around the holiday park, often on your terrace. Watch them, listen to them sing, but never give them bread, rusks, pasta or rice. It's dangerous for them.

Ecological practices

Here’s an overview of our ecological practices through a few examples.
Waste management
We do not print brochures to promote our holiday park.
We recycle waste and we invite you to do the same.
We try to dematerialise most of our exchanges to use less paper, ink...
We chose eco-designed tourist accommodation in Vendée : recyclable, water and electricity efficiently made with wood from eco-managed forests, natural raw materials and 1/3 recycled materials (steel, PVC...)
We regularly collect rubbish deposited on the foreshore by the tides. We enjoy a walk with a bag or a bucket with gloves. We combine useful and pleasure.
Water consumption management
We have fitted the holiday park water network with metres to monitor consumption and identify any leaks.
We install water aerators on taps and showers, and small cisterns for flushing the toilet.
We fit each accommodation, holiday home or cottage, with a carafe or glass jug. So you can drink tap water and limit the production of plastic waste.
Energy consumption management
We prefer class A bulbs.
We have installed lighting with presence detectors, most of which are solar-powered and autonomous.
We have fitted all our accommodation with metres so that we can monitor electricity consumption accurately.
We use natural or eco-labelled cleaning products.
We plant local plant species that require little watering.
We have banned the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and weed killers. Please be tolerant if you come across weeds...
CRS, corporate social responsability
We choose tourist accommodation, mobile homes or chalets, manufactured nearby in the Vendée by IRM, Rideau and Samibois.
We prefer to offer you local products : La Petite Ramonière beers, La Perle des dieux tinned sardines, Lise Baccara troussepinette, Secrets d'Abeille honey...
We give preference to suppliers - if possible local - who take environmental, social and ethical issues into account in their activity: laundry, accounting firm, etc.
Committed to a sustainable destination
In the Saint Jean de Monts area, all the committed players have formed a club to think together and find ever more solutions for eco-responsible tourism.
As soon as you see the "Committed to a sustainable destination" logo, you can be sure that the activity is eco-responsible: electric shuttles, water sports centres, Explora Parc, etc.