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Dog-friendly holidays in the region Vendée


The region La Vendée on the West Coast of France is perfect for families with dogs as it has long sandy dog-friendly beaches, cultural sites that accept animals and plenty of walks to enjoy the fresh air of the region.
The beaches where dogs are accepted in Saint Jean de Monts
- La plage des Tonnelles
- La plage de la Parée du Jonc
- La plage de la Davière
- La plage du Pont d’Yeu
The sport’s activities you can enjoy together in the Vendée
The activity Cani-paddle in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez will surely take you for a unique trip in the sea.
The Minigolf Le Marais offers you to discover two paths with your dog in Saint Jean de Monts.
The forest “des Pays de Monts” gives you enough space for you and your dog to happily wander around under the trees.
Get lost in the maize maze “Labyrinthe Pop corn” in Saint Hilaire de Riez. You will have to win several games inside the maze to find your way out.  
Cultural sites you can visit with your dog in the Vendée
In Saint Jean de Monts you can take “le petit train” which is a small train that goes all around the city and allows you to learn about the city in an amusing way. 
Le Château d’Apremont offers you to discover its story and participate in activities for a time-travelling experience. But most importantly, it welcomes dogs.
Le parc du Château des Commequiers is a beautiful site for a peaceful afternoon. You can walk around the castle and enjoy its picturesque architecture.  
Les Marais Salants de la Vie in Saint Hilaire de Riez gives you the opportunity to learn about the marshes with a tour in english each wednesday at 10 am, in July and August, under reservation. 
Le Puy du Fou is a park where you can see spectacular shows. It is a must-see in France. The good news is that there is a dog kennel. You can check the availability and book a spot for your dog online. Another solution is to ask a pet sitter to keep your dog for the day. Websites such as Animaute, Holidog and Empruntemontoutou allow you to find the person that you believe will take good care of your puppy.
L’Ile d’Yeu is a small French island. You can cross the sea on a tourist boat with your dog kept on a leash and wearing a muzzle.
Dog-friendly places in the Vendée
We recommend that you always check the website of the tourist office of the city you would like to visit to find out about all the dog-friendly places you can discover.
What we can assure you is that the region and the residents of the Vendée will gladly welcome you and your dog on a dog-friendly holiday surrounded by marshes, beaches and forests. Your dog will enjoy exploring new places and discovering new and typical French food.
We wish you a safe trip to France and memorable holidays in the Vendée !