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Vineyards and wine cellars of the Loire valley


Why travel to France if not to taste delicious regional wines ? The Atlantic Coast is known for its tasteful wines, thanks to the richness of the soil and climate.

A little bit about the regional wines of the Atlantic Coast 

The Atlantic Coast is an area of France that offers a diversity of experience to discover, learn and taste red, white and rosé wines in vineyards and wine cellars. Around Saint Jean de Monts, you have the chance to explore many vineyards and wineries to expand your knowledge about French wines.
In the North of Saint Jean de Monts, there is the region Loire Valley which takes part in the Unesco heritage thanks to (among other factors) the land and its production of wines. The Loire Valley is a famous river in France that allows vineyards to grow and produce tasteful wines. 
The Vendée region is divided into five terroirs, each corresponding to a type of regional wine called Fiefs Vendéens. The cities of Brem-sur-mer, Chantonnay, Mareuil, Vix and Pissotte are spread across the region and will, each, offer you a unique experience. The Fiefs Vendéens are made up of 15 winegrowers who produce AOC rosé, red and white wine.
Now that you understand the importance of wine around the Loire Valley and in Vendée, we would love to suggest our selection of the best vineyards, wineries and wine cellars in the region to offer you a unique and local experience of the Atlantic Coast’s wines.

Nantes, in the heart of the Loire Valley

The “Nantes Winetour” will take you through the vineyards of Loire Valley for a full or half a day. Taste wine in the vineyards and enjoy a wine tour in the vineyards and the wine cellar.
The castle “Château la Cassemichère” welcomes you all year long to discover the story of the castle, the grape production methods and more with guided tours and wine tasting.
In the heart of the Loire Valley, you can only enjoy the best white wines of the region.

In Brem-sur-mer, in the West of Vendée

La cave des vignerons is a wine cellar where you can enjoy wine, local products and visit vineyards. This wine cellar is awarded by the region with the label Welcome which certifies a welcome and high quality services in English.
Eric and Petra are organic winegrowers and will guide you through their Domain Eric Sage to taste regional wines and visit their naturally cultivated vineyard in Brem-sur-mer. It is recommended to book a tour online.

In Chantonnay, in the East of Vendée

Discover the richness of the region by driving around Chatonnay. A specific drive called Routes des vins “Patrimoine au pays de Chantonnay” will guide you through all the important spots to explore new landscapes, monuments and learn about the regional wines.
In the domain “Domaine de la Barbinière” you can visit, taste and buy wines. The winemakers focus on organic agriculture and produce white, rosé and red wine which are labelled with the AOC Fiefs Vendéens and IGP Val de Loire.

In Mareuil, in the centre of the region

Spend a unique day in the Mourat vineyards. The company offers you to rent a bike or an electric car to discover the vineyards. You will be given a tablet to follow the tour with your friends or family. You can also taste wines and have more explanations on the traditional methods, production and culture of grapes and regional wines.

In Pissotte, in the South East of Vendée

In the “Domaine de Coirier” taste some delicious AOC Fiefs Vendéens wines. The production is mainly focused on red wines but they also produce white wines and rosé. The cellar is accessible to taste and buy wines. You can also book a tour to visit the 30 hectares of vineyards.

In Vix, the South of Vendée

The vineyard Mercier in Vix offers themed visits. Choose the tour theme that you prefer and visit the vineyards with a specific topic guiding you through the vineyard. A wine professional will explain how the production of wine is made and give you the knowledge to fully appreciate the taste of wine.
Vineyards and wineries are a huge part of the region and the Loire Valley. Tasting regional wine with locals is a fantastic way to learn about French wine culture. After a holiday in Vendée, you'll know everything about French wines ! We hope the selection we made for you will be helpful for your holidays in the Atlantic Coast.