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The Apremont Castle in the heart of the Vendée


Apremont Castle in Vendée, a medieval fortress in the heart of a picturesque city of character


The castle of Apremont

Built as early as the medieval times, this fantastic castle will leave you breathless.
The original medieval-style fortress was constructed in the 15th century. It was built on a rocky spur looking down on the Vie valley. In the 16th century, the castle underwent a transformation into a Renaissance castle by Philippe Chabot de Brion, Admiral of France and friend of François 1st.
Today, the fortified enclosure, the two towers built with a unique Renaissance style and the famous cavalier ramp that offered a prodigious arrival to guests can be visited.
The castle is open to visitors. Guided visits and interactive shows are taking place in the garden to learn more about the castle’s history throughout centuries.
From the tour’s castle, you have a breathtaking view of the river Vie and the village of Apremont. The imposing ruins of the Castle of Apremont overlook the pretty village of Apremont in the heart of the Vendée.

The city of character Apremont in Vendée

Spend the day in Apremont to have the time to visit this beautiful village. Make sure to explore the narrow streets of the labelled “city of character” Apremont. This label is awarded to villages in Vendée with authentic architecture and charming landscapes.
This typical French village surrounded by the river Vie is a must-see in the region. Wander around and discover the old wash-house, the church and the Gallo-Roman bridge.
Why not take a picnic and eat along the river Vie or eat in a traditional French restaurant for the typical French experience ?
Spend a day in Apremont to discover its fabulous castle, breathtaking landscapes and the historical architecture of this city of character.